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Alvaro Garcia, M.D. is a board certified surgeon specializing in robotic and laparoscopic procedures. Dr. Garcia has treated thousands of patients since opening his practice in Pembroke Pines in 2009. Dr. Garcia is widely regarded as an expert in robotic surgery using the Da Vinci robotics system, which allows for minimally invasive procedures with fast recovery times and excellent patient outcomes. Drawing on this expertise, he has built a weight-loss surgical program alongside a team of doctors to focus on patient health and sustainable outcomes. Dr. Alvaro Garcia attended medical school at the Universidad Central of Venezuela in Caracas, where he graduated as an MD in 1997. As a resident, Dr. Garcia trained in general surgery at both Yale University and Georgetown University. He did a Fellowship in Minimally invasive surgery at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Robotic Gastric Sleeve
South Florida

Alvaro Garcia, M.D. is a board certified surgeon specializing in robotic and laparoscopic procedures proudly serving South Florida. Below are some of the highlights of why our Gastric Sleeve Program stands out from our competitors. Head to our gastric sleeve page for more details.

The Way to Lose Weight

Dr. Garcia and his team provide everything you need to embark on your weight-loss journey.

Yes I Can! Self-Pay Package

Some patients don’t have insurance coverage. Others don’t want to use it. Eitherway, take advantage of our self-pay package.

Broward Health Coral Springs

Gastric sleeve procedures are performed at the Broward Health Coral Springs hospital. One of South Florida’s premier institutions for bariatric surgery.

Nutritional Support via App

Get nutrional support online quickly and on the run so that you can easily transition to the new you!

Psychological Evaluation

We want you to feel prepared for your new life style. Counselor specialized on weight-loss surgery evaluations and pre- and post-surgical support .

Informational Session

Learn all about the surgery and the benefits that come with it. Join Dr Garcia by signing in for the Free Weekly Seminar.

Health conditions and treatments

We encourage all of our patients to ask questions and learn about our procedures.

Patient Testimonials

Thank you, Dr. Garcia, for the fantastic bariatric surgery. Three weeks ago, I had surgery, and everything went well, with no pain and a good recovery. I received support and trust from Dr. Garcia, who explained the health benefits bariatric surgery will bring to my life. He took the time to explain every detail of the process. I also received tremendous support from his office staff. I am forever thankful for bringing my confidence and my health back. I definitely recommend Dr. Garcia.

Sandra Feliciano Google Review

When I found Dr. Alvaro Garcia through the internet in my intense search for advice from the best doctors in South Florida who are performing the surgical intervention I needed. The first thing that caught my attention was that he is a board-certified surgeon and his extensive preparation, beginning at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Yale, and Georgetown, including the many patient reviews of his non-invasive interventions. I had many questions about Gastric Sleeve Surgery, which were answered in detail in my first appointment with Dr. Garcia. Other doctors, I had seen before just chatted and explained my questions to me in less than 10 mins and then sent me to the nurse on duty. Dr. Garcia spent about one hour explaining to me the benefits and risks of the gastric sleeve procedure in detail, which I valued a lot when choosing him for my procedure. My gastric sleeve bariatric surgery was a complete success, my recovery was super fast and today, after one month of surgery and following the program's dietary recommendations, I have lost 16 pounds and I feel super healthy. The good pre-operative and post-operative care of the doctor, and the care of his team for his patients are among other things that make him an expert in his profession. Once again, thank you Dr. Garcia and his staff.

Ligia Carvallo Google Review

When I first went to see Dr. Garcia, I was not in a good place. Dr. Garcia took the time to listen to my concerns and provided a solution. After my first visit with him, I was optimistic! Dr. Garcia has been the most attentive and caring doctor that I've ever seen. Not only is he an excellent surgeon but he truly cares about his patients. The follow up has been superb and his office staff is the BEST (shout out to Liz & Barbara). I thank Dr. Garcia for helping change my life in so many ways. I highly recommend Dr. Garcia for his specialty services, as there is no other like him! Thank you, again, Dr. Garcia!

Deysi Sanchez Google Review

Dr. Garcia is the best, I had a robotic surgery for diverticulitis. It was the best experience I've ever had. I can say my recovery was more than successful. I'm very grateful to him and his staff. I would definitely recommend him with my eyes closed. You will be in the best hands.

Kenia Mirabal Google Review

I was suffering from a bilateral hernia and searched for a professional to address my issue. I was on-line and checking reviews. I found Doctor Garcia and utilized his service. He and his staff members are personable and they provided me with an atmosphere of comfort. His skills performing surgery are amazing. I will definitely refer any family or friends who would be in need of his services. Blessings to you and your staff.

Danny Rodriguez Google Review

Dr Garcia and his staff are top notch. From my very first visit I have been treated like a VIP. My surgery was virtually painless and I have my life back. I am a tennis coach and had resigned to think that I will never play again. Thanks to Dr. Garcia I will be back and better than ever very soon. Thank you!!!!!

Scott Smashey Google Review

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Going Beyond Weight Loss: Lifestyle Recommendations After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Insurances Accepted

General & Bariatric Surgery of South Florida accepts a wide range of health insurances.

Dr. Garcia is a robotic gastric sleeve surgery specialist located in Pembroke Pines in South Florida. Robotic Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed using the Davinci X-i. Contact our offices today for a consultation.

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Monday : 9AM - 5PM
Tuesday : 9AM - 5PM
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Sat & Sun : Closed

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