Healthy Exchanges with Dr. G | Dr. Alvaro Garcia

Healthy Exchanges w/ Dr. G | Dr. Alvaro Garcia

Healthy Exchange with Dr. G is a healthcare and healthy lifestyle podcast hosted by Gerard “Dr. G” Acloque MD. He is an Internal Medicine physician with a solo practice, FCMW / FCMA, located in the beautiful South Florida area. This podcast is centered on delivering healthcare information and resources in an entertaining but smart conversation. This episode feature a skilled surgeon by the name of Dr. Alvaro Garcia. As a General Surgeon with a subspecialty in Robotic/Minimally invasive surgery he truly has a gift to give to his patients in that he can significantly decrease complications such as pain, infection and prolonged hospital stays by using the famed “Da Vinci” device. This is a super-advanced robotics system which enable surgeons like Dr. Garcia to do things they would not be able to do otherwise. These leads to better outcomes at the most minute detail is uncovered through the machine. If you would like to know more on how you could go for a consult with Dr. G or Dr. Garcia don’t hesitate to reach out!

Dr. Garcia is a robotic gastric sleeve surgery specialist located in Pembroke Pines in South Florida. Robotic Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed using the Davinci X-i. Contact our offices today for a consultation.

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