The 6 Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The 6 Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you have struggled a very long time with losing weight or you have an eating addiction, you may be tired of the constant battles with food. Understandably, a lot of people just give up when they are not sure what else to try. Sometimes some people are just predisposed to gaining weight rapidly even when they aren’t eating a lot.

If you feel particularly discouraged or disgusted, you might want to look into gastric sleeve surgery. This form of weight loss surgery has at least six main benefits that might encourage you to try one more time to lose weight. Additionally, under the skillful hands of Dr. Alvaro Garcia and the use of robotic assisted surgery, you may find that this is one of the easiest surgeries you have ever experienced.

1. Tiniest of Incisions Using the Robotic Method

A gastric sleeve bypass used to require large incisions. Now, with the use of the robotic assisted surgery, tiny incisions are made, and the surgery is performed laparoscopically. Tinier incisions means you heal faster and are in less pain during your recovery process.

Less pain also means you are less inclined to eat for comfort. This is key because after a gastric sleeve is created you will be required to eat very tiny amounts of food. Nutrition will be difficult if you are not eating the right foods in the correct amounts. The small incisions will heal rapidly making you feel better overall in no time.

2. No “Dumping Syndrome”

Dumping Syndrome is the result of the body passing food too quickly through the digestive tract after certain bypass surgeries. This is because the pyloric valve in the stomach that controls the release of digested food into the small intestines remains intact during and after a gastric sleeve surgery. Food may move slightly faster through the digestive tract, but it will not end up in your toilet an hour after you eat.

Other gastric bypass surgeries result in dumping syndrome and lots of painful abdominal symptoms. If you are considering bypass surgery to lose weight and/or control what and how much you eat, the gastric sleeve surgery is a better option.

3. It Is the Simplest of Gastric Bypass Surgeries

The gastric bypass surgery takes your intestines and connects them to another part of your digestive tract avoiding most of your stomach. The food passes from the esophagus to your small intestines through a very tiny part of stomach. The duodenal switch surgery is even more complicated and requires a larger incision to complete. Ergo, the gastric sleeve surgery is the simplest of the three. It is also the quickest surgery performed, even when assisted by a robot.

4. Patients Lose 60-70% of Their Weight After Two Years

Take your current weight. Multiply it by 60%. Subtract that number from your current weight. That’s what you could weigh two years from now. If you lose the weight too quickly or you haven’t lost enough weight to improve your physical health, the gastric sleeve surgery can be altered to slow weight loss or even partially reversed.

5. No Gastric Band Required

Gastric band surgery requires that an opening be left in your side for a gastric band and a tightening valve. Periodically, your doctor makes adjustments to the band to further reduce the size of your stomach. Patients with a gastric band experience higher infection rates and problems with band rejection. With the gastric sleeve, no band or opening in your side are required.

6. No Malnutrition or Malabsorption of Nutrients

Because the food you eat is digested in a very normal fashion, there is no concern of malnutrition or malabsorption of vitamins and minerals. There is just a deadening of cravings and the desire to consume beyond your body’s need to eat.

The portion of your stomach that produces the hormone ghrelin is removed. Ghrelin is the hormone that signals to your brain that you are hungry or that you want specific foods. Without ghrelin and part of your stomach, you eat less, eat less of the wrong foods, and you are rarely hungry after surgery.

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